Stella After Goethe

Stella After Goethe

Stella After Goethe explores finding, losing, and holding on to love in multi-dimensional performances.

Leo and his dad blow into town looking for a lucky new start. As whisky and music flow freely, chance encounters with kindred spirits reveal secrets too close for comfort. Will this be the last stop on their journey or will they flee as fast as they can?

Stella After Goethe is about a passionate quest for love–losing it, finding it and what people will do to hold on. Through an international devising process, contemporary true stories of love, family and reckless adventure were blended with Goethe’s scandalous original work to create a show infused with live music and dance.

The theatre company collaborated with musicians, visual artists, dancers and writers based in Macon Georgia to develop a cross-arts performance piece for the Crossroads Festival.  Groups of young people in Georgia were invited to watch the performance-making process at the rehearsal facility.  Partner youth theatres in the U.K. were invited to watch London rehearsals via Skype.  Both groups connected over the shared experience of this creative process through a Facebook page.

Production credits:  Director–Rachel Parish; Performers–Alan Cox, Elizabeth Boag, Richard Maxted and Durassie Kiangangu; Designer–Will Holt;  Co-Producers–Cristina Catalina and Peter Stickney.

Supported by Arts Council England

Douglass Theatre, Macon, Georgia; USA, 2010

Southwark Playhouse, London; UK, 2010