All Change Festivals

The Story of the All Change Festival 

Rachel Parrish, Artistic Director

I’ve never been able to get around the idea of just putting on a show because I’ve got the opportunity.

In January 2013, I got word that Theatre503 had a week open, and that they wanted Firehouse Creative Productions to fill it. Just having that opportunity raised the question: How do artists create new work, is that process different from country to country, and can that creative process be shared on stage?

That led to creation of the All Change Festival, an interactive event that includes performances, installations, staged readings, works in progress, talks, and conversations about creating new work. The first All Change Festival in 2013 included people who had 40+ years of experience under their belt, and young 18-year-olds newly arrived in London for drama school courses.

In 2014, the All Change Festival became an international three-day event, involving seven core organisations and over 100 artist collaborators in five different global locations.

Each All Change Festival engaged people in exploring in creativity—and in their own humanity. As one reviewer wrote, “Yes, it’s hard to be human. But it’s that little bit easier when we try being human together.”