Bread and Roses

Bread and Roses

Bread and Roses, an arts-based summer camp in Macon, Georgia, USA, launched in 2009. Led by a team of professional artists, child psychologists and education specialists, we delivered an exciting programme of activities spanning the month of July including gardening, baking, art projects, yoga, meditation, dance and weekly field trips.

Our programme of activities nurtured important life skills, creating a fun and inspiring experience for participants and workshop leaders. The camp was designed for girls identified as vulnerable, having one or more parent incarcerated or suffering from mental illness. Bread and Roses was completely free for participants and ran five days a week throughout the month of July.

After the summer programme, each child was involved in monthly activities throughout the year, reinforcing the holistic lessons learned in the summer camp.

“When I come here, I feel so good about me.  Then I bring those good feelings home and share with my mama and my two little brothers.  Can we do this more often?  I need this. Can I bring my friends?”—Amaya, Bread and Roses camper

Macon, GA, USA

2009 – 2012