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Firehouse theatre performances are unlike any you’ve attended, because you don’t attend a Firehouse Creative Production. You create it with us. 

We start with a question – something about the world that excites, angers, or stumps us. We then invent a collaborative way to explore it through performance that invites artists and audiences to meet and play together. We believe a performance is a conversation. Our commitment is to extend that conversation beyond the theatre to connect people in new and exciting ways.

We often incorporate true stories into the creative process. Each individual’s story can give us insight into universal truths, offering unique and vibrant avenues into creating contemporary theatrical events. When you leave a Firehouse Creative Production, you’ll likely leave with new insight into the world around you—and yourself, too. 

We do our work through festivals, workshops, interactive installations, theatre, and other contemporary, innovative formats. Above all, our work is contemporary, inventive, and diverse.

Our motto: Stories, collaboration, and innovation make the global local.  

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Our Creative Process  

All of Firehouse’s work begins in a project. Inspiration comes from three main sources – the creative community, artistic development, and festivals.

Creative community projects have at heart the understanding that artists and audiences are collaborators on any work of art. Artists shouldn’t make work in isolation, and audiences shouldn’t accept the idea that they only belong at a show for a couple of hours.

Artist development projects are designed to inspire creation and support of an artistic endeavor. They provoke artists to innovate and push their own creative boundaries.

Firehouse festivals are celebrations designed to galvanise energy around a topic bubbling up in the theatre ecology for both artists and audiences.



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