★★★★ CRITIC’S CHOICE Time Out London

“Rachel Parish’s taut, naturalistic [production]… is by turns charming and desperately bleak…”

Two teenagers. A jammed elevator. No mobile signal.  ‘Listen. Listen–days ago, I had this idea. I just couldn’t make it clear in my mind. But now I can.’

Inspired by a true story, Gabriel Pintilei’s moving two-hander explores human dynamics in an extreme environment as it follows two youngsters’ journey through one of life’s worst nightmares. Spurred on by a sense of romantic adventure, they find themselves trapped inside the elevator of an abandoned building. As one failed escape attempt follows another, and jokes are wearing thin, how long before innocence, friendship and stamina collapse under the weight of their confined existence?

London, UK  May 2010


Did you miss the show in London?  Watch the full production of Elevator below.