Museum of Our Forgotten SelvesMuseum of Our Forgotten Selves

Explore the experience of being a child from ages 0–3 with a collection of installations and performances.



Shop Front Theatre Festival, Coventry, UK; March 24, 2018

Cambridge Science Festival, Cambridge, UK; March 24, 2018


Past events

Woodruff Arts Center, Atlanta, GA, USA; October 14, 2017


What if, in an instant, your blood started flowing in the opposite direction?  What if your perceptions were comprised of strange black and white shapes?  What if your world was one in which there was language, but none of it decipherable? And what if you woke up one morning and had changed drastically in size?  Science fiction?  No.  This was your life, from 0-3.

Firehouse Creative Productions is an international theatre company with an expertise in cross-disciplinary collaboration. We seek to explore and make tangible this shared human experience we have all lived through, but of which we seem to have no firm memory.  Our process will begin by engaging scientists, policy makers and educators as well as drawing from a range of popular and scientific studies that aim to describe the world from the point of view of a child in its earliest developmental stages.  From this point we will create a series of short scenarios that illustrate the key aspects of individual stages.  These scenarios will be in scripted and in filmed/multi-media formats.  These will then be used to create a dramaturgical storyboard-springboard that will be developed into a series of performance installations, allowing the audience entree into the perspective of a child at these stages of life.

Museum of Our Forgotten Selves is an interactive installation exploring the experience of being a child between the ages of 0-3.  Created by an international collective of artists and scientists, this exhibit invites everyone to come play, learn, and to immerse yourself in sense-bending activities that simulate the experience of who we all once were.

Firehouse Creative Productions, researchers, and early childhood educators at Goldsmiths University, Birkbeck University and Anglia Ruskin University, Artist Life Vision, and Benjamin Ryan Williams are collaborating to bring you a taster of the very first ideas that are arising for the Museum of Our Forgotten Selves for Toddler Takeover festival at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, USA October 14, 2017, and at the Shop Front Theatre festival in Coventry, UK on March 24, 2018.

The project will eventually include a live theatre production that animates the installation entitled, This is your life, 0-3 and invites audiences to reconnect with the mystery, wonder, weirdness and joy of the very fact of being alive.

Become a part of the Museum of Our Forgotten Selves.  Share your memories with us and inspire future performances and installations.