The Big Idea Workshop

The Big Idea Workshop helped small groups of selected artists and non-artists deeply explore a big idea they wrestle with in contemporary life.

An annual event led by Rachel Parrish, each Big Idea Workshop explored different topics, including Belief, Time, and Power. Workshops have been held in London and New York.


The Big Idea: How it Works

Rachel gathered groups of artists interested in pushing their boundaries and engaging with collaborative performance making. Over the week, artists engaged in debate, gave presentations, wrote, devised and created. Rachel worked throughout as the curator and as the instigator for the multimodal creative exploration.

In addition to artists, participants of the workshops have included hostage negotiators, emergency medicine doctors, computer scientists, and more. Incorporating participants from outside of artistic practice made a dynamic impact on the curation of the event.  Who is generating content?  What is the role of an artist?  Who has the authority to create?  These questions arise through the curated structure of the Big Idea Workshop.

After the workshop, interdisciplinary teams formed around ideas generated in the workshop to develop seeds of ideas into multilayered creative projects. Outgrowths of the workshops have included Superjohn, Tesseract, Soon Until Forever, Hellscreen, and more.  It has also spawned new companies and new ongoing collaborations.

London, UK

New York City, NY, USA

2009 - 2013