The Food Project

Working with the Ideas for Creative Exploration Research Institute at the University of Georgia and Georgia College and State University, Rachel Parish and Cristina Catalina developed The Food Project.

Over a course of three weeks we engaged communities of people throughout Georgia with questions around their relationship to food.  In 2013, we were invited to repeat the project with Latin Americans in London for CASA festival.

We shared meals and conversations with farmers, students, scientists, artists, chefs, people in shops, vegans, freegans, die-hard carnivores, people from all walks of life. Stories and creative responses were shared and collected; some were incorporated into a final lecture-demonstration performance.  Through story gathering and offering other opportunities for creative interaction, local content was developed, forming components of an interactive live performance, Food. Interested participants were part of the actual performance as well. A high degree of engagement and honesty was reported by the diverse participants, many of whom attributed this to the openness of the listening and storygathering process itself.

Athens and Milledgeville, GA, USA; 2012

CASA Latin American Theatre Festival, London, UK; 2013