The Alchemist

The Alchemist

What do you desire? What do you dream of? How much are you willing to believe?

The rich have left their homes and deserted the city. Three fabulously unsavory characters join forces to pose as modern-day alchemists. Ben Jonson’s classic masterpiece takes a ruthless and hilarious look at the tendency in us all to believe the outlandish and the unlikely in pursuit of our wildest dreams.

Firehouse Creative Productions and Hoxton Hall joined forces to stage a madcap reworking of this classic.  Contemporary stories used were gathered from Hoxton through Firehouse’s StoryStation–an interactive digital installation.

Production credits:  Director–Rachel Parish; Assistant Director–Jennifer Tang; Costume Designer–Nadia Malik; Lighting Designer–Tom Wickens; Dramaturg–Bojana Jankovic; Production Manager–Peter Stickney; Cast–Rose-Marie Christian, Jon Foster, Zoé Ford, Elisa Armstrong, Clare Quinn, Thomas Blyth, Freya Anderson, Hugh Darbyshire and Nick Whitley.

Hoxton Hall, London, UK; August 2010