Firesides are pop up art salons for artists and non-artists to engage in non-hierarchical creative exchange. Using the format of a regularly held dinner gatherings, participants enjoy food, culture, conversation, and collaboration.

The evening begins with a welcome and invitation to grab a plate and a conversation partner whom you’ve never met before. A host brings around a basket with conversation provocations for the pairs to discuss, and the evening is off with one-to-one storysharing encounters. Two rounds of these encounters are interspersed with presentations from two participants to the whole group. The presentations might be from a poet or a dancer who wants to share pieces of a developing work for feedback. Equally, it might be from an office worker who has been thinking about the virtues of laziness, and has prepared a few thoughts for group discussion.

Over the course of a candle-lit evening, Firesides have the feeling of real personal connection, care, activated thinking, and self-reflection.

Bring a simple potluck dish (it can absolutely either be homemade or store-bought), a drink to share, and of course, your thinking hat!


London, UK and Atlanta, GA, USA

2010 – current