StoryStation invites participants to contribute their voices and stories to a global theatrical adventure. The concept is simple: in a public location there is a headset, voice recorder, statement cards and a chair. A sign welcomes individuals to sit, put on the headset, read aloud one card at a time and respond with a story from their own lives. The result is a rich collection of compelling stories from around the globe that will be used by Firehouse to create a new play.  The recordings are also archived for public access.

On each card is a statement or question based on core themes from a previous Firehouse production—love, family and journeys–that are phrased to spark memories of a personal story. The participant responds, telling a story that is recorded. As they speak and hear their own words, they become both a storyteller and listener.

Audience comments

“We’ve talked more here than we have in two years!”

“The questions were great.  They made me think of so many things in my past that I had forgotten about.  Thank you for giving those memories back to me.”

StoryStation rocks!”

StoryStation is an ongoing, interactive digital storytelling installation, that has been featured in the U.S. at the NuArtsExchange Gallery, Bibb Senior Citizens Center, and other public locations.  In the U.K. it has been installed at the Battersea Arts Centre, Tristan Bates Theatre, St. Thomas’ Hospital, Hoxton Market, Seven Dials’ Festival, Southwark Playhouse and the Nabakov Arts Club.  It has also been featured at the Write Festival in Zagreb, Croatia.

Story Station