I Confess

I Confess

2010 – 2013

Step through the velvet curtains and get ready to hear the real-life confessions of a stranger. You might find yourself revealing your innermost secrets in return.  I Confess is a unique theatrical experience–a one-on-one performance piece inside a confessional booth.

One audience member at a time enters a confessional. An actor, situated on the other side of the divide, is the confessor. For 10 minutes the audience member is bestowed with two confessions, which range from tender to hilarious. One of them will be the confessor’s truth; the other fiction. An opportunity is open at the end to reciprocate with a personal or fictitious confession.

I Confess was co-created by Rachel Parish and Nathan Curry.  It has been acclaimed by critics and audiences alike at such international venues as Tate Britain, Edinburgh Fringe, Greenbelt Festival, HighTide Festival, Nabakov Arts Club, Southwark Playhouse, Latitude Festival, the Blysh Festival and at Camp Bestival.

★★★★★ AllTheFestivals.com

“This is a smart, provocative and moving gem of a show, delivered with a lightness of touch and calm assurance which isn’t just rare, it’s almost unheard of…a little slice of utter, simple brilliance which will stay with you long after the lights go down…”