★★★★  The Metro

“Cleverly and sensitively…engaging young minds with a fantastical story about mortality and the power of the imagination”

Superjohn loves to soar above the clouds. But one day–crash! His superpowers are stolen and he has to travel to a dangerous world to get them back. Laugh, shout, cry and join the adventure. Seen through the eyes of two children, John, a child with Leukemia, and his savior sister Star, Superjohn mixes fantasy and reality to explore how a child uses imagination in overcoming adversity.

Superjohn was inspired by a true story and made in collaboration with patients, families and medical practitioners at the Whittington Hosptial Paediatric oncology unit.  The play was created for all the family (ages 7+).

The play was co-created by Rachel Parish, Titania Krimpas and Nadia Malik.

U.K. Tour November 2012-April 2013

Pleasance Edinburgh, U.K., 2012

Awaken your imagination with the Superjohn trailer.


Experience the magic of Superjohn with a video of a full performance at the link below.

**link to pdf of storybook for download