The Romanian Season

The Romanian Season

The Romanian Season

Presented by Firehouse Creative Productions and showcased in London, The Romanian Season broadened UK perspectives on Romania’s new generation and connected UK audiences with Romania’s new wave of playwrights, who are dramatising personal, social and universal issues in ways imbued with striking immediacy and emotional rawness. The Romanian Season featured the best of emerging Romanian talent in two theatre productions, book and play readings, post-show talks, an ongoing art installation, puppetry workshops, and music.

In association with The New Diorama Theatre, with support from The Romanian Cultural Institute.


Romanian Season Festival Highlights – 2010

“Presenting these plays within the context of the London theatre scene, a place where cultural diversity is more than mere exposure…the productions were charged with a vibrant new energy. What draws our attention…is the raw emotion and liveliness of the visceral writing, which talks about universal subjects in a new and provocative way.”

Anca Ionita, Time Out Bucharest.

Installation: Sculpture in the Corridors

Workshop: Puppetry for Families 

Reading: Love Thyself 

Reading: Like Drops of Blood on the Elevator Floor

Reading: The “Romania” Complex

Reading: The Sunshine Play

Production: Bones for Prince

Production: Elevator

New Diorama Theatre, London, UK; May 2010