Controlled Explosions

Controlled Explosions

A Laboratory of Failure led by Rachel Parish and Cristina Catalina.

The International Failure Institute’s [IFI] launched Controlled Explosions, part of a worldwide search for what failure means for us today. A day-long participatory workshop at The Shop Front Theatre in Coventry included crafting ideas, debating and researching, playing and wildly speculating, and daring to fail in our quest.

The event, held on October 24, 2015, focused on a market exchange* on the value of failure in our lives, participation in existing offerings, co-creation, and more!

Elements included physical and psychological dares, open conversations and talks, sound art, installations and scratch performances, and international exchanges on the history of failure, failure and addiction, failure and ecology, skateboarding and academic failures, failure in the emergency room and more.

Hosted by Firehouse Creative Productions in association with Theatre Absolute. Partners and fellow conspirators in Failure include: Theatre Absolute in Coventry; Duke University in Durham, NC, USA; East 15 Acting School in Loughton; iHear in London, Rose Hastings in Manchester; Alexis Steeves in New York City; Gudmundur Thorvalsson in Reykajvik, Iceland; and Casa Tres Patios in Medellín, Colombia.


Theatre Absolute, Coventry, UK